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Welcome to Kilmore West Youth Project CLG (KWYP)

The Kilmore West Youth Project is a Company Limited by Guarantee. It was re-established in 2009 to respond to the needs of young people in the Kilmore West area. It is managed by a voluntary management committee made up of local residents and workers from the area.

KWYP is a place of welcome, understanding, support and encouragement for young people living in the community. We aim to enhance the lives of our young people, while we cater for all young people, the Project will proactively seek to support those most at risk of isolation of any form. We hope to encourage the uniqueness of individual(s) within an atmosphere of collective responsibility guided by principle(s) of quality.

Kilmore West Youth Project, the KEEP, is co-funded by the Irish Government and the European Social Fund as part of the ESF Programme for Employability, Inclusion and Learning (PEIL) 2014-2020.

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About Us

Kilmore West Youth Project is governed by a board of volunteer members who employ a project leader, team of youth workers, Tús staff and volunteers to provide the following services:

Kilmore West Youth Project and KEEP Garda Youth Diversion Project


As Youth Workers we are a positive adult in Young people’s lives:

  • Young people centered
  • Voluntary participation
  • Non judgmental approach
  • Inclusive
  • Developmental
  • Equality and Respect
  • Fun and safe environment
  • Participation
  • Process
  • Empathetic
  • Cooperation

Incidents are seen as a positive opportunity to intervene with an individual/group’s development.

Board of Management

Kilmore West Youth Project is a company limited by guarantee. It’s run by a voluntary board of management. There are 3 directors and 5 members representing the community and agencies we work with.

  • Sean Paul Mahon- Director & chairperson
  • Neill Phair- Director & secretary
  • Rosin Mc Loughlin- Director & treasurer
  • Breda Browne- Community representative
  • Rosemary Darby- Community representative
  • Edel Moran- Director
  • Antoinette Hayden- Dublin City council representative
  • Seamus Tracey – An Garda Síochána representative

New Director's

KWYP Management has appointed two new Director's, Neill Phair and Edel Moran. We wish them every success in their new role.

This voluntary board of management is responsible for the running of the project and manages all funding that the project receives. We receive funding from City of Dublin Youth Service Board and Irish Youth Justice Service.

Organisation Structure

KWYP Org Structure

You will always be missed!

A huge thank you to an outstanding director who gave 100% of their time and energy into ensuring KWYP operates professionally, while prioritising the needs of the young people. Thank you for everything Bernie!

KWYP Bernie
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The Team





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The KEEP Project


We are a Garda Youth Diversion Project within the Kilmore West Youth Project, called the KEEP project (Kilmore Empowering Every Person).

We are a team of three Youth Justice Workers who work with young people aged between 12 and 18 years.

Youth Justice Worker’s develop positive relationships with young people to enable them to make informed choices for themselves and to move away from criminal or anti-social behaviour. This is done through informal youth work methods. Young people have opportunities to work in one to ones or group work sessions.

We feel passionate about young people having a voice in their community & actively engaging in positive change.


As Justice Workers we complete a need assessment for each young person to focus our core work around developing young people and supporting them in making more informed decisions. This process addresses 8 different areas of a young person’s life. Identifying risks and reducing potential offending behaviours is core to the work of the KEEP project


Youth Justice Workers develop positive relationships with young people through structured groups, activities and one to ones. We work in partnership with young people to develop programmes that are of interest to them.

We help young people to recognize their ability, build their confidence and most of all think before they act.


A young person would be referred to the project as they are at risk of offending or have committed to an offence. Young people may also have additional needs which the project would be able to support.


Young people can be referred to the project by:

  • JLO’s (Juvenile Liaison Officer)
  • Kilmore West Youth Project
  • Other professionals i.e. Teachers, Social Workers, Family Support Workers.
  • Parents/Guardians
  • Self referrals (young person themselves)

Types of programmes & activities:

  • Life skills
  • Family support
  • Drug and alcohol programmes
  • Outdoor education
  • Health and fitness
  • Work to Learn
  • Cookery
  • CV building & interview skills
  • Horse programmes
  • Music programmes
  • Summer programmes
  • Sports e.g. football, basketball, swimming etc
  • TAG programme (Teenagers and Gardaí)
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Build a Bike
  • Scrambler programme
  • Any other interests which the young person has can be made into a programme.


Kilmore West Youth Project, the KEEP, is co-funded by the Irish Government and the European Social Fund as part of the ESF Programme for Employability, Inclusion and Learning (PEIL) 2014-2020.

Lorna Osborne-Ryan (Youth Justice worker) - (085) 8892810 -
Keith O'Driscoll (Youth Justice Worker) - 085 1354569 -
Darragh Byrne (Youth Justice Worker) - (085) 2393860 -


If you need more information check out our leaflet below:

 Justice Leaflet


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Filming Projects and Social Media:

Christmas Hampers

Another year of doing up Hampers for families. Keith Dowling, Aisling O'Doogue and Darragh Byrne prepared the hampers to try and meet the needs of families during the Christmas period. This is an initiative that has been ingrained in Kilmore for a number of years. In the past we gave out vouchers, whereas in 2017 we gave out 4 hampers to families, but this year we were able to meet the needs of 9 families, all of which contain many goodies and treats!

image image









Board Day 2018

As part of 2018 the entire team and the board of management came together to discuss their vision for the project in 2019. Tons of ideas were shared among the group and together we designed concrete and clear objectives for KWYP CLG. Everyone was enthusiastic, driven and passionate on the day and it was a great opportunity to build stronger relationships and a more coherent approach to the work we do with young people.


Halloween 2018

Kilmore West Youth Project engaged in various trips for Halloween of 2018 with our young people. From Farmophobia, Nightmare realm and other spooktacular events within the project we did our best to ensure everyone was engaged in a spooky atmosphere. The Young Leaders Committee organised a scarefest in the Hellfire Club for young people in our drop-ins and together with staff ensured everyone was treated to a SCARY Halloween.


Camp Diversion 2018

The KEEP project attended Camp Diversion of 2018, hosted by Finglas Action Now. Lorna & Keith brought a group in the month of June to a 2 night camping experience! The group got involved in loads of activities, from banana boating, running through bogs, team based games, slip n slideing into muck and midnight walks mixed in with tons more activities. The group won "Best Team Spirit" as an award for their ongoing commitment, enthusiasm and drive to participate as a team. After having the opportunity to host it in 2017 and participate in 2018, the KEEP project will be looking to take another group for 2019!!








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Mainstream Project

Mission Statement:

To support young people to be the best they can be by creating a place of welcome, understanding and encouragement. We aim to enhance the lives of young people by meeting their needs.


A centre where young people are respected, heard, valued and supported in reaching their full potential.

Who we are?

Kilmore West Youth Project CLG welcomes all young people from the Dublin 5 and Dublin 9 areas. We provide programmes and activities to those aged 10-24 years based on their needs and interests. KWYP provides a range of opportunities for young people to participate in. These services include drop-ins, educational and issue-based programmes, one-to-one support, residentials, summer programmes and the KEEP Garda Youth Diversion Programme. The youth service is managed by a voluntary board of management.

Who can access the project?

The Kilmore West Youth Project works with all Young People in the Kilmore area aged 10-21, to provide a safe place where Young People can be supported to reach their full potential.

Our core values:







Incidents are seen as a positive opportunity to intervene with an individual/group's development.



Types of Programmes and Activities:

  • Group work
  • Individual work
  • Life skills
  • Family support
  • Drug and alcohol programmes
  • Youth Exchanges
  • Voluntary work
  • Art projects
  • Residential work
  • Sexual Health Programmes
  • Outdoor activities
  • Filming Project
  • Health and fitness
  • Cookery
  • Music programmes
  • Summer programmes
  • Sports e.g. football, basketball, swimming, etc.


Click for Online Registration Form



We receive our funding through the department of children and youth affairs and are administrated by City Dublin Youth Service Board (CDYSB).


Contact Information

Louise Smith (Project Leader) - (085) 1354554 -
Derek O’Neill (Youth Worker) - (086) 7963134 -


For further information please look at our leaflet below:

 Mainstream Leaflet home Previous Next


We recognise the important role that volunteers play along with staff in the delivery of quality youth work services and value their contribution to the successful development of our services.

Volunteers who engage in the project are fully committed to achieving outcomes and supporting development for the young people who engage in the service. Volunteers are given the opportunity to engage in supervision and there is a lot of scope to progress or further develop skills in the sector.

To obtain an application form please contact

LGBTI+ Group T.A.T.A.S

Hakuna Matatas- The Acceptance To Anyone Squad.

We're a group in a youth project in kilmore west. We created this group with young people as a way to support others to become better versions of themselves for the future and increase their paths and ideas in life such as more experience and knowledge about themselves and the community.

This project has been around for a few months and we have done so much ever since it started. We help teach others on how we as a community become more accepting and aware of how our youth is thinking. we believe everyone in our group should be heard and acknowledged. LGBTI+ is a sensitive topic yet we need people to understand what it is and help others become more accepting of those who are apart of it. There is so much to learn and issues we have yet to resolve. Here is a couple things that we do as a group:
Pride Parade,
Indoor/outdoor activities,
Gaisce presidents award,
Summer Programs/ Seasonal Programs
Very open minded to sensitive topics and so much more.
If you're interested in what we hope to achieve, please contact either Keith or Darragh.


Please check our policies below:

 Child Safeguarding Statement


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Contact Form

Please get in touch using the form below.

Mailing Address

Kilmore West Youth Project CLG
Recreation Centre,
Cromcastle Road,
Kilmore West,
Dublin 5
(01) 8474548

Youth Work Team:

Louise Smith (Project Leader) - (085) 1354554 -
Derek O’Neill (Youth Worker) - (086) 7963134 -

Youth Justice Work Team:

Lorna Osborne-Ryan (Youth Justice worker) - (085) 1354559 -
Darragh Byrne (Youth Justice Worker) - (085) 1354560 -
Keith O'Driscoll (Youth Justice Worker) - (085) 1354569 -

Family Support Team:

Laureen Christie (Family Support Worker) - (086) 8502001 -

Buses serving the area:


Opening Hours:

Mon: 10am-10pm
Tue: 10am-7pm
Wed: 10am-10pm
Thurs: 11am-10pm
Friday: 10am-6pm
Occasional Weekends

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Calendar of Events

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